• If you consume cannabis, then please consume responsibly. Using common sense and educating yourself about what is legal and what is not goes a long way.
  • Do not drive while under the influence of cannabis. This is illegal and dangerous.
  • Store your cannabis in child-resistant packaging and in places not accessible to kids. The inadvertent consumption of cannabis edibles by children is potentially very dangerous.
  • If you consume edible cannabis, “start low and go slow.” It can take up to two hours to feel the effects of edible cannabis.


  • Be respectful of others by not consuming cannabis in public or in such a way that smoke is likely to bother people in adjacent residences.
  • Do not consume cannabis in public. This is illegal, except in limited instances where a person has a valid doctor’s recommendation to consume medical cannabis.


  • For problems with addiction or if you want help to quit your marijuana use, click here or call the Substance Abuse Service Helpline (SASH) at 844-804-7500 for services that can help. You can also click here for Marijuana Anonymous, a twelve-step program for people with a desire to stop using marijuana.